Donors Should Ask Candidates About Vergara and Pensions

Candidates for state office are pressing hard for year-end contributions. Before you donate, press them about two recent events:

  1. Without fanfare, California’s public schools quietly reported $9 billion of new pension debt over the last year, as explained here. Unless addressed, unfunded pension obligations will continue to consume billions of dollars that would otherwise go to classrooms.
  2. Last week, the California State Assembly Education Committee held a hearing on two of the statutes — teacher tenure and “last-in, first-out” layoffs — ruled unconstitutional by the Vergara decision. The mother of one of the Vergara plaintiffs wrote asking for an opportunity to speak but was ignored. She showed up anyway — only to have the committee chair turn off her microphone in mid-sentence.

If you care about quality education for California’s six million public school students, ask candidates to confirm their support for the Vergara decision and their intention to address public school pension debt.

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