Clinton and Trump Have This One Thing In Common

As president, neither could address some of our biggest problems.

Americans too easily forget that most public services are provided by states, not the federal government. For instance, presidents can do little about these California problems:

Prison Salaries > Higher Education: California chooses to spend nearly $5 billion a year on salaries for 55,000 prison system employees but only $3.5 billion on the University of California system serving 238,000 students. Only the state legislature and governor can reverse that math but instead they just boosted prison salaries for the third time in six years and chose to audit UC President Janet Napolitano.

Educational Injustice: California is home to an enormous educational divide and even trails Texas in educational performance among poor and minority students despite spending much more per student. Only state legislators and the governor can reverse that outcome yet they have refused to address the teacher tenure and dismissal rules that prevent great teachers from leading every classroom and doubled pension spending that drains billions from today’s classrooms to pay yesterday’s teachers.

Presidents, PACs and plutocrats get all the press attention but this November YOU can have more influence on education and other important state issues.

This November 100 of the 120 seats in the California Legislature are being contested, including several where the difference means reform or status quo. Those elections can be greatly influenced by individual donations. Organizations such as Govern For California can help you pick exceptional candidates with the intelligence, financial literacy, temperament and courage to reform education and other core issues — and who can win.

Help bring educational justice, fiscal responsibility and better services to California.

California’s nine million public K-university students need world-class educations and California’s 39 million citizens deserve world-class public services for their tax dollars. You can help make that happen by donating to exceptional candidates for the California Legislature.

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