SacCity Unified Need Not Lay Off Teachers

Earlier this month Sacramento City Unified School District authorized 11 teacher layoffs to help address a $27 million deficit. But those layoffs are unnecessary. SCUSD should lay off an unnecessary expense instead.

SCUSD incurs more than $50 million of expense every year to provide unnecessary health insurance subsidies to retired employees. The district pays that expense with a combination of cash ($33 million in 2019) and debt, which is how the district has accumulated more than $500 million of subsidy debt. The subsidies are known as “OPEB” (“Other Post Employment Benefits”). SCUSD’s are generous:

They are also unnecessary. That’s because retirees age 65 and over have access to Medicare and retirees under age 65 and earning less than $75,000 per year are entitled to subsidies from the state and federal governments through Covered California, including new Middle Class Subsidies enacted into law by the state just last year:

By eliminating OPEB, the district could eliminate $500 million in debt and save more than $30 million in cash each year. The district’s governing board has the power:

There is no reason to lay off teachers to maintain an unnecessary subsidy. Such subsidies are bad enough in good times. In bad times they are unconscionable.

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Originally posted on Medium, 5/30/20.