$1.7 Billion Of Gold In UC’s Ivory Tower

Dear Legislators,

As you prepare for the release in early January of Governor Newsom’s proposed 2021-22 budget, consider this: The University of California is incurring $1.7 billion of unnecessary expense each year. That’s about half of the amount you allocated to UC from the state’s General Fund in 2020-21. To understand how that’s happening and how UC can stop it, see here.

Multiple CA agencies from the small (eg Golden Gate Transit) to the large (eg, BART), local governments (eg San Francisco) and the state are doing the same thing. Those problems should have been addressed after the federal Affordable Care Act went into effect and even more so after enactment of the state’s Middle Class Subsidies program. Fixing those problems and limiting subsidies now would free up billions of dollars for services.

David Crane