A Disappointing Choice For Attorney General

Last month, we expressed hope that Governor Newsom would not select a fundraiser from special interests to be the state’s next Attorney General. Today, our hope was dashed. In selecting Rob Bonta, Mr. Newsom chose among the State Assembly’s most prolific fundraisers from special interests. His contributors include dozens of enterprises representing corporations and public employee unions who collect >$200 billion per year of spending approved by state legislators. Here’s a snapshot:


In our view, lawmakers should NEVER accept donations from corporations, unions or associations whose shareholders, employees or members stand to receive money under agreements with the state or its subsidiaries. When they do, they compromise their responsibilities to the consumers of public services, such as students and Medi-Cal enrollees, as well as to the taxpayers who fund those services. The sooner that practice is outlawed, the better. In the meantime, lawmakers and candidates should not accept any such donations.