What Would Cesar Chavez Say

In 1968 my bedroom wall was covered with posters of Robert F. Kennedy, whose hero was Cesar Chavez, who then became my hero. I can’t help but think Mr. Chavez would be disappointed by California’s treatment today of essential workers.

For example, what would he say about a California that places the needs of essential workers and their families — eg, well-functioning schools, unemployment insurance, DMV offices, courts and more – below the demands of government workers? Or about the diversion of $10 billion per year — enough to cover the eight percent of residents who are uninsured — to an unnecessary private insurance system for retired government employees who already have Medicare and the Affordable Care Act?

This is one of the reasons California needs to ban donations to elected officials by unions, associations and corporations whose members, employees or shareholders are compensated under terms determined by those same officials. For $300+ billion a year, residents — especially essential workers — should get essential services from the State of California and its subdivisions.