How To Deliver For Californians

Dear Legislators,

According to the NYT’s Ezra Klein in The Best Explanation of Biden’s Thinking I’ve Heard, President Biden wants government to “deliver for its own citizens.” But that can’t happen in California without your help.

Most domestic services are delivered by states. Paramount among those services is K-12 education, which California has handled during the pandemic about as well as the Soviet Union handled Chernobyl and delivered poorly even before the pandemic. You can fix that by fixing the Education Code, which you write. Currently that Code serves and protects school employee unions more than pupils.

Some of that arises from financial support, which you can fix by banning donations from corporations, unions and associations whose shareholders, employees and members collect money under agreements with the state or its subdivisions. Some of it is fear of school employee unions opposing reformers. But pupils need your help. California isn’t delivering for them. Only you can fix that. More and more Californians will have your backs if you do.