Code Repair In California

CA Gov. Code Section 19826 deals with “Administration of Salaries” amounting to $20 billion per year:

Subsection (c) of Section 19826 requires the state to produce a study of salaries of employees in comparable occupations in private industry and other governmental agencies at least six months before the end of a contract with a bargaining unit:

But in June, the Legislature and Governor granted a $500 million per year raise to state prison guards without a compensation study. That’s because subsection (d) of Section 19826 allows bargaining units and the state to override the requirement to produce a compensation study:

Under current California law, unions representing employees collecting salaries and benefits may make political donations to lawmakers who authorize those salaries and benefits.

GFC is taking these steps:

  • Compensation Study. GFC has commissioned a study of prison guard compensation that will be issued later this year.
  • Ban On Donations From Recipients Of State Funds. GFC is developing legislation to ban political donations from all corporations, unions and associations that receive money, or whose shareholders, employees or members receive money, under agreements with the state.
  • Close The Loophole. GFC is developing legislation to eliminate the loophole in Section 19826 that permits bargaining units and the state to avoid compensation studies.

GFC supports lawmakers who serve the general interest.