Los Angeles Times, 12/14/10

Re “Schwarzenegger’s tragic governorship, 12/12/10”:

Michael Hiltzik is the one who needs to come to grips with the real issues of state government.

The year 1978 wasn’t notable just because of Proposition 13. That was also the year public employees gained a power Franklin D. Roosevelt had warned against: collective bargaining rights.

California hasn’t been the same since. Public workers have gained at the expense of private workers as government spending was redirected from infrastructure and education to higher salaries, pensions and other benefits.

Against all odds, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger reversed this trend. Because of his landmark political reforms (the open primary and redistricting), pension reforms, tough bargaining stance and reinvestment in infrastructure, Californians are regaining control of their government. The key is to stay on this course.

David Crane, Sacramento

The writer is special advisor to Schwarzenegger for jobs and economic growth.