Sacramento Bee, 7/14/10

Re “Tax break faces union effort to end it, 7/8/10″:

Your article skirts the real point, which is the growing battle between government employees and private-sector employees for scarce resources.

Government-employee unions want to raise taxes on private-sector employment in order to continue funding rapid growth in their compensation and benefits, which grew 65 percent over the last 10 years and delivered enhanced retirement security while private-sector employees experienced job losses, flat compensation growth and diminished retirement security.

No doubt the most cynical effort in this regard is an attempt to impose a penalty on corporations that hire or give wage boosts to Californians.

In a super-competitive world economy it’s hard enough for the 16 million Californians employed in the private sector to get ahead. Instead of imposing more burdens on them, the focus should be on reining in the tens of billions of dollars spent every year on government employee compensation and benefits.

– David Crane, Sacramento, special adviser to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for jobs and economic growth