Reject Sectarianism

Govern For California’s Primary Election Slate consists of 21 people who meet five tests: intelligence, financial literacy, legislative temperament, ability to win, and courage, by which we mean they toil for something greater than themselves.

They also happen to be men, women, D’s, R’s, NPP’s, gays, straights, whites, blacks, browns, Jews and Gentiles. But that mix is not our objective.

In San Francisco, four D judges are under threat of recall simply because they were appointed by a non-D governor. That’s a threat to the rule of law. Even Abe Lincoln would likely lose an election in San Francisco today simply because of the letter after his name. That’s a threat to democracy.

We don’t need more sectarianism. We need better governance. For that to happen political donors and voters must support good legislators regardless of sect.


Originally appeared on Medium, 5/20/18.