GFC’s 2022 Agenda

The CA Legislature reconvened this week and will spend the next nine months deliberating over thousands of bills and more than $300 billion of spending. GFC's 11-person Sacramento team is: Pressing for sufficient budget reserves and better value for spending on K-12, Medi-Cal, Corrections and Homelessness;Resisting tax increases and new privileges for special interests;Seeking a … Continue reading GFC’s 2022 Agenda

Flexing Our Political Muscle In 2022

For decades, public employee unions and crony capitalists faced no resistance when using the CA Legislature to obtain financial and legal privileges at the expense of residents and taxpayers. That started to change in 2011 when we launched GFC. In 2021, we blocked nine bills, including bills to raise taxes and expand collective bargaining rights … Continue reading Flexing Our Political Muscle In 2022

Private Equity Executive Meets Public Reality

When a private equity executive filed papers to run for governor of Illinois in 2013, I wondered if he had done due diligence. That's because Illinois governors can do little without the consent of a majority of legislators whose terms of office, unlike the governor's term of office, are not term-limited. To me, being governor … Continue reading Private Equity Executive Meets Public Reality

Political Finance

A couple of supporters wrote to ask how this line in a recent WSJ op-ed — “Teachers were the fourth-largest campaign contributors to California’s legislative races in 2020 behind energy, prison guards and healthcare” — fits with our assertion that GFC is the largest bundler of direct donations to legislators and candidates for the legislature. … Continue reading Political Finance

“Low Cost Collective Action, Persistently Applied”

Explaining what we do in a pithy fashion isn't easy but we got some help last week when a questioner translated my long-winded answer into “Low Cost Collective Action, Persistently Applied.” We like that! As informed GFCers know and many a special interest has demonstrated, political power in Sacramento is less about wealth than organization … Continue reading “Low Cost Collective Action, Persistently Applied”

Democracy In California

If ever you needed a reminder that our nation has always been a confederation of diverse states united only when facing a common enemy, re-read Democracy In America, Alexis de Tocqueville's 1835 masterpiece. There are twenty-four small sovereign nations, whose agglomeration constitutes the body of the Union.Tocqueville, Alexis De. Democracy in America, Volume I and … Continue reading Democracy In California

GFC Is Relentless

Last year, the GFC Network made 1,100 donations averaging $2,000 each to more than 100 members of or candidates for the California Legislature. Do those figures surprise you? They shouldn’t. That's the pattern of donations made by any active special interest union or corporation in Sacramento. Persistent donations broadly distributed are the path to power … Continue reading GFC Is Relentless

Potent Political Philanthropy

In traditional philanthropy there's likely a correlation between wealth and impact but that’s less the case with political philanthropy where steadfastness is more important. That’s because the path to political change is steep and narrow. To change any of California's 29 codes of law, a legislator must gain the agreement of 61 other legislators, each … Continue reading Potent Political Philanthropy

Summing Up California

Recently a journalist concluded the “California Dream Is Dying.” But another says CA is still the land of opportunity. Another characterizes the state as tilting leftward while another sees it as captured by union and corporate interests. At GFC, we see California as Walt Whitman's words might describe it: “Do I contradict myself?Very well then … Continue reading Summing Up California