AB 1400

Dear Legislators, >90 percent of Californians have health insurance. To reach 100 percent, Governor Newsom proposes expanding Medi-Cal to all income-eligible residents, which would turn California into a multi-payer universal coverage system not unlike the systems of Netherlands and most of Europe.* In contrast, three state legislators have introduced AB 1400, a bill to establish … Continue reading AB 1400

A Medicare Approach For CA Schools

Whenever I use Medicare, the government pays a health provider of my choice even if the provider is not operated by the government. The same goes for Medicaid, which uses public funds to pay for the care of 15 million Californians. Likewise, anyone obtaining premium support through Covered California gets to choose among insurance providers. … Continue reading A Medicare Approach For CA Schools

SFUSD Ignores Millions In Federal Funds

San Francisco Unified School District spends up to 250% more than the average CA school district on OPEB, which are insurance subsidies for retired employees. That's because SFUSD is one of the few districts to subsidize retirees on Medicare. And because SFUSD doesn't take advantage of generous federal subsidies available under Obamacare for retirees under … Continue reading SFUSD Ignores Millions In Federal Funds

Covered California Stands Out Again

November 1 marked the commencement of the Open Enrollment period during which residents can purchase health insurance for the upcoming year and another opportunity to praise Covered California, the state’s healthcare exchange that’s an exemplar of government services well provided. At a time when even the New York Times is cynical about blue state performance, … Continue reading Covered California Stands Out Again

Democracy In California

If ever you needed a reminder that our nation has always been a confederation of diverse states united only when facing a common enemy, re-read Democracy In America, Alexis de Tocqueville's 1835 masterpiece. There are twenty-four small sovereign nations, whose agglomeration constitutes the body of the Union.Tocqueville, Alexis De. Democracy in America, Volume I and … Continue reading Democracy In California

Corporate Donors To California Lawmakers

This year California will devote more than $120 billion to Medi-Cal, the state’s version of Medicaid that serves more than one of every three residents. That means big profits for Managed Care Organizations such as Anthem, Molina and Centene. We have nothing against profits but a lot against conflicts of interest. Under California law, Medicaid … Continue reading Corporate Donors To California Lawmakers

Towards Universal Coverage In California

Dear Legislators, We are pleased that 94% of Californians now have health coverage. We’d love to see that figure rise to 100%. Multi-payer universal coverage systems such as those that dominate continental Europe and towards which California is marching can work extremely well. But one big difference is that European systems do a better job … Continue reading Towards Universal Coverage In California

Covering CA’s Undocumented

Dear Legislators, 92 percent of Californians have insurance coverage. The eight percent who don't are primarily undocumented residents. CA has sufficient ongoing resources to cover them. Concerns about covering the undocumented have centered on the risk that a new program, estimated to cost $3 billion per year, would add to the state's structural deficit. But … Continue reading Covering CA’s Undocumented

The Universal Coverage Knowledge Gap

Recently, US Senator Bernie Sanders issued this surprising tweet: It's surprising because the top 7 countries operate under multi-payer universal coverage systems while the single-payer universal coverage systems favored by Mr. Sanders don't show up until numbers 8 and 9. Is it possible Mr. Sanders doesn't know the difference? Either way, we hope CA legislators know the difference. If they … Continue reading The Universal Coverage Knowledge Gap

Legislators Should Test Drive CoveredCA

Dear Legislators,We find ourselves amazed that fewstate legislators and their staffs know about CoveredCA. They should take a test spin, which takes less than a minute. Eg, say you are a 53 year old retired prison guard with a $90,000 annual pension who lives in Sacramento with a spouse age 53 and two kids ages … Continue reading Legislators Should Test Drive CoveredCA