Covered California Stands Out Again

November 1 marked the commencement of the Open Enrollment period during which residents can purchase health insurance for the upcoming year and another opportunity to praise Covered California, the state’s healthcare exchange that’s an exemplar of government services well provided. At a time when even the New York Times is cynical about blue state performance, Covered CA is a reminder that California’s government can do its job well.

Another reminder is California’s Medically Tailored Meal program, a medical nutrition intervention for Medi-Cal beneficiaries aimed at reducing hospital and emergency department readmissions via the supply of three meals per day for 12 weeks and four Medical Nutrition Therapy sessions during the intervention at no cost to the patient. Initially signed into law as a limited pilot program, State Assemblymember Blanca Rubio is working to expand the pilot statewide. Through programs like that, California must get more value — health! — out of the $120+ billion per year being spent on Medi-Cal.

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