Donor Rejection

Here's something Assembly Members Luz Rivas, David Chiu, Richard Bloom and Buffy Wicks don't want their constituents to know: - Start at, where you will see a list of 21 "Bargaining Units" that represent state employees who get paid billions of dollars per year upon the approval of state legislators and the governor. The … Continue reading Donor Rejection

The Excellence Of Covered California

At a time when criticism is leveled at CA's government for poorly performing agencies such as the Employment Development Department, it's important to point out excellently performing agencies such as Covered California. Now that I'm on Medicare I no longer need CC but my wife and daughter do and it is a marvel. Application and … Continue reading The Excellence Of Covered California

The Hill: Coronavirus aid should go directly to the people

BY LANHEE J. CHEN AND DAVID CRANE, OPINION CONTRIBUTORS As federal policymakers consider future legislation to address the economic challenges created by COVID-19, they should take the shortest route possible to get aid to those who need it. Where possible, the assistance should go directly to affected individuals and businesses, rather than through the states. If … Continue reading The Hill: Coronavirus aid should go directly to the people

No Furloughs Before Reforms

Yesterday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti warned of employee furloughs to help meet an anticipated $600 million revenue shortfall. Before LA furloughs workers providing important services, the city should save up to $300 million per year by emulating the City of Glendale in reforming and means-testing a subsidy currently provided to retired employees. LA provides … Continue reading No Furloughs Before Reforms

SFUSD’s Self-Inflicted Wound

San Francisco Unified School District’s revenues are 40 percent higher than five years ago yet the district just announced a $32 million deficit. That’s because spending on retirement costs went up more than 100 percent. $31 million of those retirement costs are unnecessary. That’s the amount being spent on insurance subsidies for retired employees already covered by or eligible … Continue reading SFUSD’s Self-Inflicted Wound

California’s Berlin Wall

To understand California’s publicly-funded school system, it helps to understand federally-funded health insurance. Both Medicare and the Veterans Administration are government-funded insurers but the VA is also a government-operated health care provider. While Medicare enrollees may freely choose among health care providers, VA enrollees may choose a non-VA provider only in limited cases. California has … Continue reading California’s Berlin Wall

California Can Reform K–12 And Medi-Cal, Or Face A Future Of Perpetual Tax Hikes

by David CraneHoover Institution, 8/21/19 Here’s another way to look at the complicated question of California’s commitment to public education in these flush economic times, with some compelling illustration of the state’s finances. And an unsettling conclusion: more and more tax increases will be the Golden State’s fate unless lawmakers get serious about reforming two … Continue reading California Can Reform K–12 And Medi-Cal, Or Face A Future Of Perpetual Tax Hikes

Sacramento’s Shades of Socialism

Socialism has become a hot topic in the presidential election but that should not be a surprise. Governments in the US have long engaged in various shades of socialism. California is no exception. Oxford defines socialism as “a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange … Continue reading Sacramento’s Shades of Socialism

Free CA’s NPs!

For all its progressive talk, California often walks regressive paths. One example is the state’s paternalistic restriction on nurse practitioners (NPs), who are advanced practice registered nurses with post-graduate degrees. California is among the minority of US states, and the only western state, to require NPs to work under physician oversight. In doing so, California … Continue reading Free CA’s NPs!