SFUSD Ignores Millions In Federal Funds

San Francisco Unified School District spends up to 250% more than the average CA school district on OPEB, which are insurance subsidies for retired employees. That's because SFUSD is one of the few districts to subsidize retirees on Medicare. And because SFUSD doesn't take advantage of generous federal subsidies available under Obamacare for retirees under … Continue reading SFUSD Ignores Millions In Federal Funds

Covering CA’s Undocumented

Dear Legislators, 92 percent of Californians have insurance coverage. The eight percent who don't are primarily undocumented residents. CA has sufficient ongoing resources to cover them. Concerns about covering the undocumented have centered on the risk that a new program, estimated to cost $3 billion per year, would add to the state's structural deficit. But … Continue reading Covering CA’s Undocumented

Hoover Institution: Bipartisan Opportunism Is to Blame for California’s High Tax Rate

Conventionally, Ronald Reagan is characterized as conservative. But as a first-term governor of California in 1968 (Reagan earned the job in 1966, denying Pat Brown a third gubernatorial term), he signed the Meyers-Milias-Brown Act, which endowed police and other local personnel with the power to bargain collectively with the governments that employed them, handing political power … Continue reading Hoover Institution: Bipartisan Opportunism Is to Blame for California’s High Tax Rate

Underfunded Kids, Overinsured Retirees

The Governor's Budget projects deficits down the road but that's no reason not to enact worthy programs with savings from eliminating unworthy programs, and especially those contributing to the structural deficit to which Governor Newsom refers in his budget message. For example, Senator Skinner has introduced a spot bill to establish Universal School Meal and … Continue reading Underfunded Kids, Overinsured Retirees

How Oakland Can Help Itself

Dear Legislators,Re yesterday's post, some readers asked what Oakland should do. Maybe an analogy would help.Say that Oakland has been paying 100% of the cost to repair its roads and the federal and state governments launch programs to provide 90% of the cost of city road-repairing. Should Oakland continue to pay 100% of the cost … Continue reading How Oakland Can Help Itself

There’s No Need To Cut Oakland Police!

Dear Legislators, Today′s SF Chronicle includes this frightening headline: Oakland cut active policing to save $20 million per year. But those cuts aren't necessary! That's because the city is spending nearly twice that much unnecessarily to provide health insurance to retired police and other employees who aren't making use of Covered California. Eg, a 53 … Continue reading There’s No Need To Cut Oakland Police!

Legislators Should Test Drive CoveredCA

Dear Legislators,We find ourselves amazed that fewstate legislators and their staffs know about CoveredCA. They should take a test spin, which takes less than a minute. Eg, say you are a 53 year old retired prison guard with a $90,000 annual pension who lives in Sacramento with a spouse age 53 and two kids ages … Continue reading Legislators Should Test Drive CoveredCA