CA’s 1 Percent

Dear Legislators,

Eight percent of California residents don’t have health insurance yet an elite population of less than one percent not only have access to Medicare, Affordable Care Act and employer coverage but also a special insurance system just for them that costs the state $5 billion per year.

The elite insured are retired state employees and their dependents. They get the special insurance even if they no longer live in California, have new jobs that offer insurance, are on Medicare, or are entitled to ACA premium support, which the American Rescue Plan just boosted. Does that make sense to you?

The good news is that you can amend the terms of the special coverage. In so doing you would free up billions in recurring annual savings that could be used for other purposes, including the uninsured.

Govern For California will always be there for legislators who serve the general interest.

PS: Another $5 billion of annual expense for special insurance for retired employees is incurred by local governments, transit agencies and school districts.