Tax Increase Proposals

Last year we spent as much time blocking tax increase proposals as liberating nurse practitioners. This year will be the same. Reform efforts will focus on OPEB and tenure but at least as much time will be devoted to blocking tax increases, bills to extend collective bargaining rights to legislative staff, and more.

Proposals to increase taxes will persist so long as OPEB, pensions, poor-value-for-money healthcare spending, and prison employee compensation aren’t addressed, and even then they will continue because government employees always want more revenues and in some cases bills are introduced to signal virtue. Indeed, recently a legislator gave us a heads-up about his intention to introduce such a bill, knowing full well that GFC will use its full strength to defeat the bill. Some GFC′ers have suggested we never support such legislators but that would be counter-productive. Often those legislators are good on other matters and more often than not the alternatives from their districts would be worse. Better just to defeat the bad bills.

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