GFC’s 2022 Agenda

The CA Legislature reconvened this week and will spend the next nine months deliberating over thousands of bills and more than $300 billion of spending. GFC’s 11-person Sacramento team is:

  • Pressing for sufficient budget reserves and better value for spending on K-12, Medi-Cal, Corrections and Homelessness;
  • Resisting tax increases and new privileges for special interests;
  • Seeking a ban on political donations from enterprises doing business with the state, immediate disclosure of political donations, to delay teacher tenure, and to reduce spending on post-employment insurance benefits;
  • Other matters that arise in the process of examining every bill.

California became poorly governed because for decades government employee unions and other special interests operated without resistance in the Capitol. Recovering the excellence with which our state was once governed is an everyday fight requiring persistent political muscle that once obtained must never be lost. We will spend $2mm this year on the Sacramento team and related staff.* You can donate by credit card, appreciated securities, check or wire. Your persistent participation is appreciated.

*Separately, GFC’s 18 Courage Committee chapters will make $3mm in political donations.