Flexing Our Political Muscle In 2022

For decades, public employee unions and crony capitalists faced no resistance when using the CA Legislature to obtain financial and legal privileges at the expense of residents and taxpayers. That started to change in 2011 when we launched GFC. In 2021, we blocked nine bills, including bills to raise taxes and expand collective bargaining rights to legislative staff, and initiated new efforts to roll back special interest privileges. 2022 will require just as much effort. The GFC team, including 11 Sacramento-based staff and contract lobbyists, is ready, and lawmakers worried about special interest retribution take comfort in knowing a muscular GFC is there to protect them. We get our muscle from you. The good news is that it’s not expensive. Our 2022 budget is $5 million. The bigger investment takes the form of persistence. Special interests didn’t get their way because they’re richer but rather because they’ve been more persistent. That’s no longer the case and must never again be the case if we are to regain the excellence with which our state was once governed.