Good News In A San Francisco School

But scalable only with action by state legislature.

EdSource reports that heavy investment in teacher preparation doubled math scores in a low-income, mostly African-American and Latino San Francisco school.

But meanwhile, San Francisco Unified School District will be hard-pressed to scale the results from the school profiled in the article because district spending on retirement costs doubled over the last five years. The same is true in the Los Angeles Unified School District, which reportedly spends more on insurance subsidies for retired employees than on math instruction. This year California will provide $16,000 per student but a diminishing share is making it to classrooms because of surging retirement costs. Retirement spending is headed even higher, which means even lower spending on teachers.

All kids deserve high quality instruction. Widespread investment in teacher preparation cannot take place amidst surging retirement spending.Legislators should help school districts reduce retirement spending.


Originally appeared on Medium, 7/6/18.