Reforming California Health Care

Start with $1,815.

Via a budget trailer bill signed into law last month, California has budgeted $5 million to establish a “Council on Health Care Delivery Systems” charged with developing a plan “for advancing progress toward achieving a health care delivery system that provides coverage and access through a unified financing system for all Californians.” Made up of five members, three chosen by the governor, one by the Senate Rules Committee, and one by the Speaker of the Assembly, the Council will start meeting in 2019 and must submit a plan to the legislature and governor on or before October 1, 2021.

That’s a big job and one for which Govern For California and others will have many suggestions. To start, we recommend a $1,815 expenditure for 121 copies of The Healing Of America by T.R. Reid to be distributed to the governor and state legislators. An exceptional survey of health care systems around the world, readers would learn the categories into which the components of California’s existing health care system fit. For a summary see here.

More to come.


Originally appeared on Medium, 7/10/18.