How To Liberate Congress

These are the largest donors to US Representative Anna Eshoo, a Democrat from Silicon Valley who chairs the House Health Subcommittee*:

These are the largest donors to Michael Burgess, a Republican from North Texas who is the Ranking Member of the same committee:

Notice anything? They get their money from the same special interests and it’s not that much money. Just 12,000 supporters of the general interest donating 1/10th the legal maximum ($5600 per Member per election cycle) could provide $200,000 to every Member of that Subcommittee. Certainly seems doable in a country of 330 million people that spends $8 trillion per election cycle on health care regulated by that subcommittee. Lawmakers who serve the general interest can’t succeed without financial support.

*All figures from Open Secrets.

Originally posted on Medium, 10/12/20.