Liberation Funding At Work

Yesterday, former California Speaker Willie Brown wrote what every insider knows: “[US Speaker Nancy Pelosi] is one hell of a fundraiser, and that is what the speaker’s job is all about.” That’s what our job is all about too, but the objective of our fundraising is to liberate legislators of any stripe to serve the general interest. An example of our success appeared at the end of an article last week about the California Medical Association, long a power in Sacramento that suffered a rare defeat when legislation backed by GFC over CMA’s opposition was enacted into law. That’s liberation funding at work. Before GFC, that legislation would not have even made it to the floor of the legislature.

During the 2019-20 legislative session, our network of 800 members and 15 chapters donated $3.6 million to 128 legislators, candidates, caucuses and parties on all sides of the aisle. Special interests even more powerful than CMA will oppose reform legislation we intend to support in the next session. Legislators need space to serve the general interest. You can help by donating here and hosting Zoom events to help us grow.