Help Wanted

Now that I’m on Twitter I follow some folks who occasionally comment about California. Today I saw this tweet by a VC I don’t personally know who has a significant following:

I replied as follows:

I haven’t seen a response but it’s still early on the west coast (presently I’m on the east coast). If Mr. Maples asked our opinion, we’d tell him what we always tell you: California has poor governance because for decades only one side — special interests, especially government employee unions — waged war in Sacramento. That changed when GFC launched in 2011 but we have a long way to go and because government will always exist, special interests will always wage war. We must do the same. For 2021, GFC Public Affairs Director Celeste Sempere must raise at least $3 million for 15 GFC Courage Committee chapters to which no donation may exceed $8,100 per chapter plus ~$1.5 million for lobbyists, staff salaries (none for me) and other operating costs. She will be reaching out to you.

If Mr. Maples has a better idea, we hope he pursues it. If not and you know him, tell him to join us and to bring his followers. All hands should be on deck.