How CA Could Save ~$10 Billion A Year

Dear Legislators,

Last night I posted a thread on Twitter explaining how CA unnecessarily spends a fortune on health subsidies for retired police, prison guards and other employees and the two steps required to fix that.

Some of you are entitled to retiree health subsidies as a result of former employment with governments. I haven’t explored all your backgrounds but I believe Scott Wiener, David Chiu and Phil Ting are promised retiree health subsidies by the City and County of San Francisco. Knowing them I feel comfortable in predicting they would personally be fine with having to first seek premium support from the Affordable Care Act and Covered California before invading SF’s budget for limited subsidies.

SF, LA and other cities are exploring draconian cuts when those two cities alone could save hundreds of millions by adopting the changes expressed in the Tweet. SacCity Unified, LAUSD, SFUSD, BART and other school districts and transit agencies could do the same, ditto UC, CSU and Community Colleges. The state is diverting billions needed for courts, services and housing to needless subsidies that could be fixed by adopting the changes expressed in the Tweet.

Govern For California supports lawmakers who serve the general interest.

David Crane