Our Non-Finite War

Recently a friend sent me his notes from Infinite Games, a book about the mindset needed to succeed in non-finite endeavors such as business.That same mindset is employed by unions and corporations for whom California’s government is a customer that provides them with more than $200 billion a year. They know that politics is an infinite-round fight.

You must have the same mindset if you want California to be governed in the general interest. As I recently told a GFC’er who complained about California’s governance, “That’s what happens when supporters of the general interest abdicate their responsibilities and evacuate the battlefield. It will take a long time and heretofore unseen perseverance to turn things around.” That’s why there are 18 GFC Courage Committee chapters, each of which is captained by volunteer Californians who understand the non-finite nature of our mission. You can meet them here and support one or more of them here. Help them persevere.