Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Dear GFC Supporters,

It’s been nearly 20 years since I left business for state government.Though my time zone didn’t change, the pace of change sure did. While the state takes weeks to process unemployment insurance claims, a new technology developed by a California company (Snowflake) formed less than a decade ago enables low-cost processing of complex data in minutes if not seconds. In business, better ideas prevail, execution matters, and enterprises that don’t satisfy customers fail. In government, only power matters. That’s how California can spend $300 billion a year on services that satisfy few customers.

It’s tempting to give up on California, but abandoning governance to special interests on the receiving end of most of that money is how we got into this mess. Our job has been made harder by a rising stock market that has the state rolling in revenue at the same time as a governor faces a recall, a combination generally lethal to the general interest. That’s why we are encouraging the Legislature to boost reserves. Failure to do so means deficits and tax increases.

Legislators listen only to those with power. Our power is derived from bundled donations from people like you to 18 GFC Courage Committee Chapters that persistently donate to legislators. If you haven’t already donated this year, you may do so here. If you’ve already donated this year, send us more people like yourself.