Bad Reporting By LA Times

So far in the 2021-22 election cycle, Govern For California’s statewide political committee has made political contributions to 81 Democrats, 11 Republicans and 1 Independent. During the 2019-20 election cycle, the committee made political contributions to 79 Democrats, 18 Republicans and 1 Independent. Yet in an LA Times article yesterday about tech industry political contributors, Govern For California was identified as “a political committee that has backed a number of Republican candidates for state seats.” For the avoidance of any doubt, GFC is a non-partisan network that supports state legislators of any political stripe who serve the general interest.

While we are on the subject of shoddy political reporting: Have you ever read an article about the quality of Apple’s services that made references to Apple CEO Tim Cook’s looks? Probably not, but don’t tell that to a couple of national columnists who devote a good share of recent essays about the recall election to Governor Newsom’s looks, which (as the governor himself would also point out) are not the least bit relevant to the quality of California state services. The quality of those services is a function of what a governor and state legislators in tandem do, not how they look or even what they say. What they do is embodied in 29 legal codes that affect daily life. While the national press has been paying rapt attention to a recall election that for the reasons explained here won’t have much impact on the daily lives of Californians, next to no attention is being paid to legislators rushing to act before September 10 on hundreds of changes to legal codes that will. That’s where you should be looking. That’s certainly where GFC is looking.