GFC’s Army

Often we are asked why GFC has regional chapters. The answer is that we admired the political power of the Service Employees International Union so much that we copied it. SEIU knows how to punch its political weight.

Like SEIU’s chapters, GFC’s chapters are infantry units that persistently donate to legislators and candidates for the legislature. While SEIU names its chapters with numbers (e.g., Local 415 and Local 602), GFC’s chapters are named after locations or interests of chapter chairs (e.g., Oakland Chapter and Future Generations Chapter). Regardless of name, all GFC chapters focus on statewide issues.

You may donate up to $8,100 per year per chapter. I max out to all of them but donations at any level make a difference. That’s because legislators pay attention to any and all members of the network that’s the largest bundler of donations to them. There’s still time to make a 2021 donation. The 2022 chapter slate will be available in January.