“Low Cost Collective Action, Persistently Applied”

Explaining what we do in a pithy fashion isn’t easy but we got some help last week when a questioner translated my long-winded answer into “Low Cost Collective Action, Persistently Applied.” We like that! As informed GFCers know and many a special interest has demonstrated, political power in Sacramento is less about wealth than organization and persistence.

Speaking of persistence: Should your Thanksgiving discussions turn to improving government services in California, please refer others to GFC. That’s how we grow and because political donations per donor are limited in size, that’s how we add power. Also, we are happy to make group presentations, and since each of you has your own reasons for being part of the GFC Network and you know your audiences best, we are happy to tailor presentations accordingly. Whenever you would like to introduce us to others, just write us here and we will get back to you.