Private Equity Executive Meets Public Reality

When a private equity executive filed papers to run for governor of Illinois in 2013, I wondered if he had done due diligence. That’s because Illinois governors can do little without the consent of a majority of legislators whose terms of office, unlike the governor’s term of office, are not term-limited. To me, being governor of Illinois would be like being CEO of a business with 177 board members the consent of a majority of whom I would need to do virtually anything but unlike me with no deadline to act.

The rules are a bit different in California but its legislature is also the key to good governance. The legislature is our focus and our job is to resist special interests and to recover the excellence once practiced by California governments. Because special interests had a multi-decade head start on us and will always be there, ours is a rough-and-tumble non-finite war that we fight by bundling direct donations to members of and candidates for the legislature and fielding a powerful team in Sacramento that understands how things work, including how to block terrible bills backed by lawmakers whose support we need on other bills.

The 2021 legislative session was a pretty good one for us but as we remind you often, the key to resistance and recovery in California is persistence. You can help by donating here* and recruiting others to our network.

*Neither political nor non-political donations are tax deductible but appreciated securities may be used for non-political donations.