A Pro-Citizen 2018 Agenda For California

Five pro-citizen issues should be on the agenda when the California Legislature reconvenes tomorrow:

  1. Reducing OPEB (retiree health care) spending by school districts, cities, special districts and the state that’s crowding out services for students, teachers and other citizens;
  2. Improving customer service for, and the healthiness of, the ~14 million Californians enrolled in the state’s single-payer healthcare system (Medi-Cal) while reducing profiteering by providers to that system and crowding-out of other programs funded by the state budget;
  3. Deploying any cash-basis budget “surplus” towards a real reduction of pension obligations (as opposed to loans or similar schemes such as that employed in the last session to boost pension fund assets rather than reduce obligations) in order to protect the ability of future budgets to provide services to citizens;
  4. Substantially boosting the state’s housing supply; and
  5. Substantially improving the ability of school principals to actively manage staffs and schools for the benefit of students.

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This article originally appeared on Medium, 1/2/18