Value Investing In Politics

Today’s WSJ has an instructive piece (link here and attached) about the power of persistence. The key words:

One thing missing from the article is a reference to how little need be spent by those with constant presences in DC relative to the rewards they reap ( is a good source for that info). It’s the same in California. Launched in 2011, GFC was late to the game but now is among the largest players:

We must last forever. In 2100 and beyond, GFC’s President must be able to say “we have been in Sacramento since 2011 and it’s fair to say that having a consistent presence has been a huge strategic advantage for the general interest.”Our power comes from the network, now nearing 900. You can support us here. In January we will send you a link to support 16 GFC Courage Committee chapters, force multipliers that allow the general interest to be even more persistently represented.

David Crane

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